Final Account Resolution, Claim Preparation and Analysis

We have experience in the preparation of robust final accounts for negotiation purposes as well as formal dispute resolution processes including the assessment and presentation of variation accounts and loss and expense claims arising out of delay and disruption events.


In resolving these issues we have assisted clients and their legal advisors in the process of adjudication, arbitration, mediation, litigation and expert determination.


Expert Evidence

For those matters that result in arbitration or litigation, we provide RICS accredited expert witness services. We have experience of working with solicitors and barristers in all phases of the process, up to and including giving oral evidence at a trial or hearing.


We understand that the credibility of the expert is critical and that they must understand not only their area of expertise but their obligations as an expert.


Programme Management and Delay Analysis

We provide contemporaneous programme management and after the event delay analysis to assist in preparing or defending extension of time claims.


In helping to avoid disputes we can audit and advise upon the record keeping systems that need to be implemented on a project and identify key contractual obligations to ensure timely compliance and the preservation of contractual remedies.


We carry out forensic retrospective delay analysis to establish entitlement to time or liability for delay.


Audit and Forensic Review

We have assisted Funders, Employers, Receivers and Public bodies in understanding the expenditure on their schemes and whether compliance with contractual procedures and requirements has been achieved.


If clients require an independent review of their processes to assist with their internal operating procedures or where investigations are required into the conduct of employees, we have the expertise to discretely and thoroughly undertake such.